Thursday, 27 June 2013

Secret Sewing And A New Project....

@fatquarterly name tag making begins.
It's been a busy week or so of sewing, as I've finally caught up with a couple of things I needed to get done, one I can't show here yet, and one I can, the abridged version of the Fat Quarterly Retreat name badge for my secret swap partner.  I was struggling a little for inspiration as my partner doesn't have that much information on their Flickr account, so I decided to work off an idea on their favourites, and to do a square in square, rainbow brights block- and this is what I came up with...
Teeny tiny squares for name tag @fatquarterly
So, I added a little border, and hand stamped their name on it, and now I just need to figure out what type of ribbon or fabric to hang it on, any ideas?......
Name all hidden and now i need to find a pretty ribbon for the neck thingy!

I also got all of the half square triangles cut for my June Simply Solids block, now I just need to actually put them together, and quickly- this will be an Inverted Star Block.
HST's for Simply Solids block June.

And finally, I cut and sewed a couple of blocks for the start of my own bed quilt, it's a low volume background, and high volume plus block, from the Marcelle Medallion Quilt, just the plus blocks, I've been itching to get started for a long while- and I needed to scratch this itch.  
Now, after a marathon cutting session last night, this must be put aside, whilst I finish my bee blocks and a few little things for Retreat, which is just about 3 weeks away!
Well, that will do for now, chop chop chop!

Right, I'm off to get sewing :o)

Ange x

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  1. Oaft, that's a LOT of cutting! You've been a busy bee, though.

  2. That is going to be the cutest name badge!! Love your projects with solids.

  3. Love your square in square badge!

  4. What size are the bed quilt squares?

    This would be cool for the name tag:

    Maybe the name tag could be removable and she could use it for her keys after the retreat?

  5. Boy, have you been busy! I adore that rainbow square in a square. Nicely done! Looking forward to your progress on the Plus blocks.


  6. Love that name badge - it's going to be a very lucky owner! The plus blocks are really cute - it's going to be a fabulous quilt when it's done. I'm starting to panic about FQR prep at the moment....!!!

  7. Wow, you make me feel tired!! Love the square in square name badge, who ever receives that will be very pleased!! :)

  8. Love this rainbow square in square! I definitely know one person who would love that badge but I think she has a lot on her Flickr so it must be for someone else. Lucky lady whoever it is!

  9. love your blocks! the rainbow one is my favorite! You should hop over and link up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. I'm so glad you decided to link up! Whoever receives that name badge is certainly lucky!

      :) Kelly

  10. You've definitely been busy! The rainbow tag should make anyone seeing it smile. And the + blocks are lovely!

  11. Beautiful name badge:):) Love,love the low volume blocks.

  12. I want one! That name badge is adorable. She will love it I am sure.

  13. You've been a busy bee. Now enjoy a well earned beach break!

  14. that name badge is ace! it would make a fab quilt. A bit bigger, obviously!

  15. I have some button ribbon if you want some?

  16. I'm assuming you sorted it now. My partner has 1 flickr pic, and 1 blog post from 3 years ago. Talk about challenging!


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