Monday, 3 June 2013

Finish Along, The (Sorry) Story So Far...

So, we're 2 months into the 3 for the Finish Along, and to be honest, progress has been pretty poor.  The list went a bit like this.....
1. Chevron Quilt.  Well that one is done, I wont bore you with it again, but if if you missed the original post, click here.
Completed a few days ago, but I had a couple of things on. X

2. Hexy Quilt.  The top is all finished, and the binding hexys are all joined in side strips, I even managed to cut around the outside of the hexys through the excess wadding and backing, ready to add the binding.  And that's where it stopped, it can't be that hard to attach the binding, but it's stalled at the moment.  
Button Moon and a little quilting- very relaxing afternoon. X

3. Craftsy BOM Quilt 2012- After reading this post, I've decided not to make the final four blocks, I haven't managed it in 6 months, and I need a sofa quilt, so a bit of extra sashing and borders, and it will be big enough, yay!  No movement here yet.
July and August BOM Catch-uo

4. Siblings Together Quilt- No progress, it just(!) needs basting, quilting and binding, not much to do really then- and did I mention it has lots of brown in it?
Siblings Together Quilt Top

5. Crochet Blanket- Still in Granny Squares, nuf said!

Needless to say I will be trying to make progress on these asap, but no promises, as today we are mostly having bits of  bathroom ripped out and put back elsewhere

That's better, sort of, but wtf are those burn marks on the ceiling??!?!

Im not sure if this counts as progress but the leaky bath has been removed and the rancid airing cupboard!

Well this is definitely an improvement, the heated towel rail is fitted and the pipes for a SHOWER! WOOOOHOOO!!

It's carnage!
Ange x


  1. Yes there is the small matter of you having moved house and decorating said house! Don't feel like progress has been poor - you are making a gorgeous home for your family. That counts for loads.

  2. I'm sure you'll have a gorgeous bathroom in no time! And as for your sewing, it may be a bit slow at the moment, but it looks lovely!!

  3. Your progress has been hindered by moving house, decorating and meeting up with sewing friends! That is life..... Di x

  4. Is the follow along the same as the finish along? I've not managed to finish anything yet either (my last two quilts were the last quarter!) but you've had a pretty solid excuse!

  5. At least you finished something off your list, my first quarter was a total washout and I hadn't moved house!

  6. Been there myeslf in the past. When you have no water, everything else pales into insignificance!

  7. Wow, you're doing tonnes to the house! That must be a lot of upheaval. But you're making good sewing decisions, and it's good to know exactly what your aim is every time you get a chance to sit at the machine. Just wait till you have proper walls again, and you'll be all hyped up to make things for the new shiny real rooms you'll have :)

  8. I'm not even looking at my original list right now lol Good luck with the bathroom, hope you've got another loo somewhere ;o)

  9. My favourite point in a re-model. Thing can only get better! I really like your siblings together quilt - I think that the brown goes with the pinks really well.

  10. you should have put the remodel on your list then you would be ahead of all of us. A little sewing is better than no sewing.

  11. Love the hexagon quilt! There are a few good tutorials out there on ways to bind them From the blue chair has a nice one:
    And so does Bad Skirt (as long as you don't mind making more hexagons, but I think the result on the back is worth it).


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