Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Social Butterfly gets Acquainted...

Well, hardly a butterfly, but you know what I mean, after 2 days playing out with sewing friends, I'm having a more (relaxed?!) day at home today, and preparing for the Lets Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop hosted by the fantastic Beth at Plum and June.  It will be 12 months in August since I started blogging, so I most definitely consider myself a new blogger.

Plum and June

Not much sewing completed in the last few days, as Friday I headed with my little one to Susans house for a play date with her daughters, It's fair to say everyone was exhausted by the end of the day, and I was impressed with Helen and Emily's ability to cope with the demands of an over-excited and over-exuberant 4 year old!
In the park with @canadianabroad
Helen takes a well earned break, and Emily has passed out off camera somewhere!
We had a fantastic picnic in the park, I especially enjoyed the fantastic chocolate cupcakes, you can see a picture of them here, thx Susan :o).

And yesterday I had a fantastic day in the sunshine in sunny Parwich, a beautiful village in the Peak District, with the ladies of the East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild.  
We spent the day outside on the Village Hall sun terrace, with a talk from the Contemporary Quilt Guild, and then a nice bit of sewing time. I was lazy and just took some hexys to baste (as Susan had knackered me out on Friday), but there was quilt basting (Kerry), Weekender Sewing (Liz), more Hexy basting (Wendy), hand sewing (Lynne), HST prep (Mandy) binding (Trudi), Bee blocks (Moira) bag making (another one Di, really?  You'll get a reputation as the Imelda Marcos of the bag making world!) chatting, banter and CAKE.  Oh yes, the pot luck lunch seemed to involve more tea and cake than other food (there were some delicious salads and pasta), perfect in the sunshine.  
We even had a guest visitor, the lovely Sarah from Duck Egg Threads who was holidaying just down the road.  It was lovely to finally meet Sarah as we started blogging at the same time, and she has been a great support to me whilst I was trying to figure out how this blogging thing works!
And of course, as you would expect, there were some fantastic show and tell items brought along (all photos stolen from elsewhere) including this stunner by Mandy (but the finished version)- I'm not ashamed to say I stroked it a LOT!
#greenteaandsweetbeans top finished!!!!!! Bit hard to photo, will take another tomorrow outside x
Made With Love By Mandy
And this beauty by the extremely talented Trudi, I had a prolonged stroke and cuddle with this one too

And a plethora of Weekenders, including Di's second one, a Weekender mini- fabulous!

 And because Di is a massive over-achiever, her latest quilt top- stunning, the horrendously names Rainbow Sprout
So a great day was had by all, even if some of those same lovely ladies ended up a little burnt in the early summer sunshine, whoops!

Until next time
Ange x


  1. Great couple of days there; not jealous, much!

  2. You sure had a lovely few days, it must have been so nice to sit outside with friends doing what you all enjoy!!!

  3. Wow, that's going to be a hard few days to top! Looks like you got more inspiration than you know what to do with!!!!

  4. Yesterday was a perfect day! Imelda. X

  5. Phew, aren't you nearly out of day passes now? Better save some for FQR ;o)

  6. Wow - Mandy's quilt is unbelievable!

  7. you got to stroke and cuddle with some beautiful quilts

  8. Sounds like it was a brilliant day x

  9. My forehead is peeling today...

  10. Looks like you had a mighty fine time, love all those Guild makes.

  11. You deserved some nice days out after all that painting malarkey.

  12. What fabulous pictures! Sounds like lots of fun :-)

  13. Lovely quilts! And a good day out by the sounds of it!! :)

  14. Oh E and H are very good with 4 year olds - they practiced with mine last summer! Great group of ladies in the quilt guild - sounds the perfect day :)


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