Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Naughty, naughty...

I've had a busy few days (don't talk to me about kids parties!), but on a recent trip to the Fabric Guild to pick up a little extra wadding for my Monochrome Quilt, I was a little distracted with the Polka Dots and books, and purchased some of both, whoops!  

Yummy purchases from Fabric Guild

The blue background dot was £2 a yard, madness, and as the lovely Jennie (my Guild sister) that I bumped into said, at that price, who could say no!!  

I know, I succumbed to the lure of the Patchwork Please!, I have seen so many fantastic projects, especially this one, and well, knowing my love of books, did you think I might resist?

It's not going to help me get my sewing room organised, but despite it's fugly appearance and being rammed to the rafters, I have managed to give it a little tidy up and organisation, and am planning on getting a little sewing done in the next day or two.
If anyone needs me I'll be in the worlds ugliest sewing room, actually sewing- woooohooo! 
And so on that note, my Monochrome Quilt, how on earth am I going to quilt it, any ideas?  I genuinely have no idea, and as a sampler, it's kind of thrown me, seriously, keep it simple, but what do you think?
Quilt top finished.
And finally, in my busyness of the last couple of week, I forgot to mention the beautiful fabric winnings that arrived from my Stitch Tease 2 bee mate, Marit, just over a week ago, aren't they lovely.

Prize winnings
Marit is a very clever young lady quilter, and I can thoroughly recommend a little look around her blog.

Right, back to the binding of my hexy quilt, I'm over 3 quarters of the way round, yay!

Ange x


  1. Love your monochrome quilt - I need to make one!!

  2. Loving the polka dots! The book is a good buy. Di x

  3. For my sampler quilt I echo quilted within the blocks and then did a bit of straight lining down and across the sashing...
    With regards to the embroidery pouch, i have already purchased my 60p clear plastic pencil case from tesco as instructed by Hadley to use for the clear vinyl bit.
    OMG - £2 per yard! You should have bought the lot and be taking orders! LOL!

  4. Lovely polka dots, always my favourite fabric!

  5. I can be of no assistance with the quilting as I'm still only on straight lines! I love all the spottiness - gorgeous!

  6. Oh brother I have no idea on how to even begin to quilt that amazing piece other than outline quilting or in the ditch, perhaps...sorry I'm no help really but I do love your new fabrics.

  7. £2 a yard?!?! OK so I'm going this Sunday, that's bargainous for backings if nothing else. Are you leading Jennie astray?

  8. Oh it's so pretty!! And your fabric finds! I would straight line quilt, echoing like Karen said, or cross hatch it. I love cross-hatching when I want to keep it simple. :)

  9. I would consider doing an all-over pumpkin seed pattern.

  10. Love the polka dot fabric! I have no idea on quilting, but I really like your Monochrome quilt :)

  11. If you are experienced with free motion, you could to an all over design for the quilting. But if you are more like me... Maybe you would consider doing some Honeycomb quilting. It's a method I seen on Crazy Mom Quilts blog here....

    I did this for my largest project to date - and although it seemed a bit time consuming - I loved the results!


  12. ooooh,you went to the guild. I really have to go one day! love that monochrome quilt, no idea how you would quilt it

  13. who can resist a polka dot fabric? And Patchwork Please...a great combo

  14. Seriously, that wallpaper needs a warning when you're going to include it, mind bleach please!


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