Friday, 28 June 2013

Extra Fabness...

So, here is this weeks round up of my fave picks from the Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop, enjoy:
Ellas Cottage- these amazing tie bibs, how cute- and there is talk of a tutorial :o).  And check out the moustache babygrow- gorgeous.

The Tilted Quilt- wowsers, look at these cartwheels, stunning!

Lauren at Seraphym Handmade- gorgeous styling

And Amy at Cloud CouCou with her Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt- nuff said!
bloom bloom pow finished

There is loads more to see on these blogs and all of the others, so keep looking ladies, and this weeks list of new bloggers is:
Friday, June 28
Green @ So Sew Green
Gwendellyn @ The Rainbow Revolts
Jessica @ Stitched In Thyme
Kathy @ Kayak Quilting
Michelle @ Factotum Of Arts
Kris @ Sew Sunshine
Camilla @ Faffling

Ange x


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