Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Zipped Up

 As promised I managed to have a play with these lovely fabrics yesterday, so after a bit of sewing, amending and re-sewing, we now have a pretty little scrappy QAYG (Quilt As You Go) Zippy Bag, all finished and ready to help in the control of my ever growing sewing "stuff" pile.

I was a little concerned at this stage
that is was going to be a bit of a dogs dinner, but I'm rather pleased with the end result.  
 I decided early on, that those beautiful Summers and Waterhouse prints would need a few contrasting fabrics for variation, so I snipped some pieces off of a couple of my Mimosa Sea Linen/Cotton fabrics that I got at the Festival Of Quilts last August from Backstitch, a Little Red Riding Hood print (from an Ebay shop up North (England) called Oriental Direct, they have some beautiful Linen/Cotton prints) and a print for the lining I picked up at Art and Stitch in Peterborough a while back (a drive by on the way to my parents).  By the sound of that I'm a terrible fabric shop tart, but I guess that's what happens when you have a blooming massive fabric addiction nice little stash developing.

So, what have I learned from this process then, well, a few things:
  • For a Zippy Bag you don't need to use the heavier weight fabrics, but they do give a nice sturdy feel to the zippy.
  • You do actually need to work round in a log cabin way for the fabrics, or you will have to unpick and fold the ends in, which is a right pain in the @rse!
  • The thicker fabric, plus the wadding do make it a bit of a pain to wrestle to shape the corners, but not so much of a problem that it would put me off doing another.
  • Poly wadding melts if you iron it! ( I knew this, but a reminder never hurts)
  • If you get a little bit too into the process of sewing the log cabin patterns, and forget to Quilt over some of the squares, it's not the end of the world (oops), it's still pretty strong.
  • Wide mouth zips are actually OK.
  • Basting the zip in actually works quite well at holding everything together.
  • The liner for a quilted Zippy could be be tapered at the bottom and sides as it wont fit quite so snugly (it may be a little looser like mine).
  So, the million dollar question, will I be making a QAYG Triple Zippy???  The answer is most definitely yes, but I will not be making it scrappy, as it is quite a time consuming process!

Thx to Di for sending me the link to the Elizabeth Hartmann QAYG tutorial, and for Helen's advice on making the Noodlehead, Wide Mouthed Zippy.

Ange x     


  1. I think it looks fab! Bring it to show it off to me, please.

  2. Good work! Thanks for the tip about wadding melting...

  3. I haven't made a wide mouthed zippie yet - interesting to see what you learned in the process :)

  4. Well done, it looks great, I made a triple zip scrappy quilted pouch, but didn't QAYG, just made up a block and then quilted it, not sure if that helps!

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  6. Nice work! I still don't want to have a go though... When you say "wide mouth zips are actually OK" does this mean you used to share the same snobbery I have where I prefer the more "finished" end zips but in reality have never really come into contact with an outsidey one? :P

  7. i love the lining fabric and final pouch. It would go really well with those curtains..... I'll get my coat....

  8. Lovely! I have been wanting to do make of these - they look cute with the QAYG panels.

  9. Go on, make a scrappy QAYG triple zippy - it isnt that time consuming and you have made a nice wide zippy bag using QAYG. Di x

  10. Loving the wide mouth zippy (oh - Rainbow flashback!. Think i'll give it a go x

  11. You are just zipping along! One thing I do now is to try to trim back the wadding or the batting in the corners to the stitched line, you won't have that extra bulk in the corner. You have to trim very carefully. I like this bag - I might try it, I'm working on smaller projects at the moment.

  12. You just like zippy bags so that you don't have to use the pouch word!!! Love the little red riding hood fabric...yummy.

  13. Love the red riding hood fabric!

  14. this looks likeit turned out just perfectly


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