Thursday, 8 May 2014

Quick Fix Projects And Bee Blocks

I have managed to sew a few other items in the last few weeks, including these bee blocks for Annabella my Stitch Tease sister who requested 2 x 12.5 inch blocks. One in Autumn colours:
Block one for @lifesrichpattern #stitchtease
and one in Jewel colours:
Block number two for @lifesrichpattern #stitchtease

I really enjoyed making these, they come together quickly and look pretty cute in different sizes, looking forward to seeing them all in a big quilt.

I've also finished a couple of peg bags, not very exciting I know, but my Mum requested a new one (she clearly doesn't think my skills are up to much!), and as I had needed a new one for about 2 years I decided to just make them.  As luck would have it, Love Patchwork and Quilting had a pattern by the lovely Karen (Blueberry Park) for a peg bag last month, so I wouldn't even need to think about it, yay!
My only problem was that the childrens hangers I purchased from Ikea were just a little too big, and as I had already cut the fabric I had to add some side panels to the fabric, but they turned out well in the end.

And finally, thanks for all of the sympathy over my poor thumb, which has now healed, so I have managed to finish the binding on the Siblings Together quilt, which I will blog about once I can get some photos.

After a busy Bank Holiday weekend, and a few visitors, I will hopefully get the chance to get back to my sewing machine, which I've rather missed, see you soon...
Ange x


  1. glad to hear you are back in action xx lovely blocks x

  2. Good work, hope you get more done soon.

  3. your banks sure have a lot of holidays! Cute peg bags. I need to make one

  4. New baby and sewing. Obviously you make nicer babies than I did.

  5. Glad to hear that you're all healed! Hope you've had some good nap times to get lots done in this week :-)


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