Friday, 16 May 2014

Q2 FAL Finish 3- Giant Star Quilt

Well this quilt has been finished for well over a week now, and after waiting for the rain to stop, it finally did, but all of the pictures came back too washed out- i'm not complaining about the beautiful sunshine, I promise!  So I decided to take the photos indoors and get on with the post.

Ignore Jerry the Giraffe trying to photobomb hanging off the fridge!
This is a little shame faced finish for me, the fabrics were donated last year by the lovely Amanda at Scissors and Thread for a Siblings Together quilt, and it was all pieced and ready to quilt by February last year, and then was put aside whilst we moved.  Unfortunately, as I got to quilting it just before Retreat last year I was pregnant, and the hot weather seemed to bring on the most awful morning sickness.  The upshot was I missed last years deadline, so had to get this finished for this year.  

And so I have finished it, and now it is all ready to go off to it's new home, I hope it will be loved, it's large and snuggly and crinkly, and is a great weight off my mind- and yes I know that background is brown, it gelt like the right colour choice, and I stand by it!! ;o)

I have another finish that I will be back with shortly, which means I was back down to 12 WIPs, until I started this last night
 As I've finished 4 things off this quarters FAL I'm allowed to start something new right?!?! #losttheplot
Eeeeeek!  Yes that is a Better Off Thread New York Circle of Flying Geese, lets see how much swearing this causes shall we :o).

Ange x


  1. I'm gonna go with a whole ton of swearing!!!!! But it will be worth all the pain in the end ;) Love the Giant Star, a perfect Siblings Together (and I stand beside you on the brown background!!!) x

  2. It looks great ange, and I LOVE that new project!!

  3. It doesn't matter when it's done - it will just make someone very happy this year rather than last :-)

  4. Congrats on the giant star finish. That quilt makes suck a big statement. It's one of my favorite fast patterns. Janice's flying geese pattern is gorgeous. It's been on my to do list for a while.

  5. Love that star, I'm sure it will provide a lot of comfort to someone who needs it. Good luck with the geese :0)

  6. yay, well done! it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as it happens!


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