Friday, 25 April 2014

FAL- Cushion Finish

As I said last time, I have 16 things on my FAL list, and I am determined to make some good progress on the list this quarter, and with nearly a month down, I have made some great progress on 3 projects with 2 finished, and a third v nearly there (just sewing down the binding, planned for the evenings this weekend).  So first up was the cushion for Amelias Christening.
This pile needs to be made into a cushion before Sunday.
I managed to finish this at 11pm on the Saturday night before the Christening, so 12 hours before the deadline, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out, especially for a project I made up as I went along.  
I couldn't get a pillow form the size I needed so I bought a bigger one and cut it in two, for anyone else thinking of doing this, don't!  Well not without considering the number of feathers crammed inside these cushions, and ensuring you work on a smooth floor rather that a carpet, whilst wearing something they wont stick to.  I don't know what the delivery driver who turned up half way through thought, but he looked pretty surprised when I answered the door covered in feathers looking like a giant semi plucked chicken!
The fabulous embroidery pattern is by LiliPopo on Etsy.  She's a fab UK based artist and pattern designer, based in Cornwall, and her designs have a really magical quality (in my humble opinion), I couldn't resist purchasing one of her multi pattern packages, so I definitely have more of these in my future.  The design is called Catching Wishes, which I thought was a pretty sweet idea for a little girl.

 The name is appliqued on using bondaweb and then sewn (by machine), and her middle name was embroidered on, as was her Chrsitening date.  The cushion has been lovingly received, I got a phonecall from Amelias mum the following day thanking me, she was still blubbing, and it was lovely to have a gift so gratefully received :o)

Right, I will be back soon for finish number 2.

Ange x


  1. it's fab! Well worth the feathering ;-)

  2. It's lovely Ange! Such a sweet little embroidery. Would it have been a better idea to have sewn the cushion before cutting it open? Do you want me to go away?

  3. Adorable! I love the stitching, the girl is so sweet! Shame you didn't get a picture of the chicken look ;)

  4. That's really lovely! What a sweet gift. Sounds like you have been super busy getting stuff done.

  5. ROFL at the plucked chicken look! The cushion is sweet anyway :o)

  6. So sweet x Would have loved to have seen you sporting the chicken look!

  7. It's fab, your embroidery is amazing

  8. That cushion is perfect and I love that sweet and very neat embroidery!
    I wish I could have seen you after the feather explosion!!! My Godmother answered the door with knees incrusted with dishwasher salt once after her son poor a whole packet out!!! She was mortified and still blames him 15 years on.
    I have taken to finding a pillow size in Dunelm Mills online and then making the cover to that size, as I've been caught out so many times!!!

  9. Gorgeous pillow! Amelia is my daughters name, and Isabelle is my niece! I wondered if Amelia was your daughter that you recently had, then I read the end of the post. Laughing at the sight the postman saw! I'm sure it's not the worst thing he's ever seen.


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