Thursday, 10 April 2014

FAL Q2 List

Right, for Q2 I am going to put on the 14 unfinished items from Q1, plus add on the other things I have started in the mean time, which need to be done asap, so I should see some nice progress, and be able to tick a few things off the list (who doesn't love writing lists in order to tick things off them!?!).

So, the new items are:
1. Christening Cushion for Amelia (needs finishing by Sunday, eek!).
This pile needs to be made into a cushion before Sunday.

2. Potholders, or in this case, somewhere for my new kettle to sit and to protect my new kitchen worktop, using the fab Kristy at Quiet Play's paper piecing pattern for April, and these fabrics (including the £3 Bike Path as backing from Fabric Guild).
And inbetween other jobs, making some progress on this today. @quietplay

3.Crochet Blanket
4. Hexy 2
5. The Weekender
6. Secret Squirrel
7. My Sampler Quilt

8. Siblings Together Quilt
9. Plus Quilt
10. Stitch Tease House Quilt
11. Simply Solids Quilt 12. Star/Bright Sampler Blocks
13. Improv Mini
14. Portholes blocks

15. EPP Star Embroidery Pouch
16. Hand Hoop

I've put the ones I think are most likely to get done this quarter in Italics, but we'll see how things work out!!

Ange x


  1. I'm very impressed that you get any sewing done with a new baby.

  2. Oh I reckon the new starters are easily going to get done, will you get any sewing time at the meeting tomorrow to get the christening present done?

  3. Oh you'll totally do it, I mean, it's not like you have anything else going on ;o)

  4. Looking forward to seeing you complete these items on your list!


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