Saturday, 4 January 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New...

 First, let me be one of many to wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year!
Not sure how I managed to not blog for a month, but I have a feeling it may be something to do with all of the painting and work on our kitchen, which has rather hampered my sewing.
After 8 coats the kitchen dresser is all done, im sooooo looking forward to doing all of the kitchen cupboards!

In fact, other than a little hexy prep and finishing off the embroideries for my girls' rooms, it's been slim pickings on the sewing front.
Little Red is just waiting for a new hoop to arrive then she'll be all finished :-)
I could do a round up of last year, but with a big house move, major renovations, and awful morning sickness I have a bad feeling it would be a massive disappointment!  Oh well, lets just stick with a couple of the stitchy highlights for me, focus on the positive right :o)

My favourite finish of the year is this one, without a doubt:

After 2 and a half years of working on it intermittently, I finally finished the hand made hexy quilt for my little girl, and we keep it on the sofa for snuggly pretty much on a daily basis.  

And with that in mind, I have started on Hexy Quilt 2, for the impending arrival of baby number 2. 

Up a little early so a little epp to ease me into the day....

The hexies are a little smaller than in the original, but that's because instead of hand cutting them (I wouldn't advise this for such a large project!!) I have used my Sizzix die to cut the papers for uniformity.
Tagged by @sewofcourse tagging @lilysquilts @hammondn77 @fairlymerry #Widrn. Unpacking my little order from @messyjesse1 love them :-)

I've made some reasonable progress in the last few weeks, measuring about 90cm x 50cm (still some way to go as the last one was 180cm x 160cm) and I've ordered a few brighter fabrics from the lovely Sew and Quilt (Jessie) to add even more contrast, I'm really loving the blues and reds at the moment :o)
A little order from @simplysolids and one from @messyjesse1 arrived today, a good fabric day all round (although they arrived whilst i was out, oops, caught out!!!) :-)

And my big project for the upcoming year will be working on this (9 weeks tomorrow and counting).....
Now to find some old clothes that fit over this massive bump so i can do some decorating, might have to raid Robs clothes!
This was about 6 weeks ago, it's grown significantly since, may be to do do with all of the Christmas sweets/food I've been eating!!
Ange xxx


  1. Hey look at you! You've changed a bit. The hexies are lovely. How did you join them to the back?

  2. Well I say that you are making the best project of all!!! Enjoy the last few weeks before baby arrives!!!

  3. Soooooo glad there are no photos of me pregnant at the end with the twins ;)

  4. Quality not quantity, and the hexagon quilt is just gorgeous! Love the dresser in the kitchen too. Hope your bump is behaving!

  5. I bet you are ready to have that baby already. I love your kitchen dresser and the hexie quilt is stunning. I bet it is fun making another.

  6. You'll be working on that? Wasn't a lot of the work on that about 31 weeks ago? ;o)

    Loving the dresser and the hexies though

  7. Trust Katy to lower the tone! But seriously, only six weeks? How did that happen?

    Absolutely love your dresser - that must have taken you ages. Looking forward to seeing how hexies 2 turns out :0)

  8. Looking nicely rounded there Ange ;). Love that Hexie quilt!

  9. Loving that dresser & those hexies, & keep looking after that bump!! xx

  10. Happy new year! It's going to be an exciting one, for sure!

  11. Love the hexagon quilts!

  12. Perfect bump! I have one photo of me being pregnant with each child and I only took them as proof to the children that I really did have them!!!
    I love your hexagon quilt, a brilliant finish for 2013 and I can't wait to see the progress of No.2!
    That blue polka dot from pam kitty is one of my favourite fabrics, I think I can see myself hoarding that!!

  13. Happy New Year! How is it only 9wks to go already?! Lovely new hexie quilt you're making there. Hope you find lots of time to sit and stitch in the coming weeks xxx

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  15. I can't believe it's only 9 weeks to go!!!

  16. You look amazing Ange and considering what you have had on your plate, you have done amazingly!!

  17. My goodness, only 9 weeks to go! Loving the hexie quilt and I'm sure no 2 will be just as pretty

  18. Tell the truth, it's been feet up and eating chocolate for hours on end. You didn't really move house and do a full renovation. ;-)


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