Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas calling...

Well the Christmas Tree is up and waiting for the big man to come and deliver presents in a few weeks...
The Christmas Tree is up, i don't think those chocolates will last long though!
... so now I just need to make a tree decoration for my little one with her photo and the year on (as is our little tradition) , and maybe make some Christmas bunting with all of the festive fabrics I seem to be hoarding :o)

Ange x


  1. I bet that the excitement is mounting in your home. Di x

  2. Get you being all organised with your tree! We'll probably put ours up next week, celebrating birthday's first before the festivities x

  3. What, use up some of that hoarded fabric? Nahhh, don't want to do that ;o)

  4. ooh! is it nice fabric.. or just some you have not been able to bring yourself to cut into before? lol x have fun xx


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