Friday, 5 July 2013

Finish Along Roundup

Well as I didn't finish the full 5 things on my FAL list, I can't exactly claim success, however, I did mange to complete 2 things, and they're 2 big thing, AND make progress on 2 others, here is the original post, and lets check what it looks like:
1: Chevron Quilt- Finished, yay, post here for details

2.: Hexy Quilt: Finished, wooohoo, post here yesterday

3. Siblings Together Quilt.  Well, it's basted now, so that's progress right, will be done this month.
Siblings Together Quilt Top

4. 2012 Craftsy BOM- top is now together and basted, so definitely progress!
Quilt top finished.
5. Crochet Blocks into blanket- not even touched, oh well, can't win them all!

So, that's me done for now, and I need to make a plan for the next quarter, the cogs are already whirring!

Ange x

she can quilt


  1. All looking great! Love the siblings quilt :-)

  2. Absolutely love the hexy quilt!! Well done for catching up...I have a long way to go to finish all my half finished projects!!

  3. That black and white one gets me everytime that it's not just the photo that's B&W - now finish the ST one, we'll be in class in a fortnight!

  4. Good going on that list. You have some beautiful finishes. Di x

  5. That's not that bad, and you're nearly there with 2 of them :o)

  6. The chevron and BOM quilts are spectacular. I love your color choices! I'm usually too scared to combine blue and purple, but the way you make it look structured and blurry at the same time is just breathtaking. The good crafters of Kollabora would love to have you in our quilting community!


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