Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finish Along 3rd Quarter Goals...

As quarter 2 was a mixed result, I decided to mix up the types of projects for the next quarter, some big, some small, and see where I got to from there.  But to start off with, lets include 2 of the not finished from last quarter.

1. Siblings Together Quilt- It's all basted, and I tried to start quilting it the other day, but after wrestling with it for an hour or so I had to do some unpicking, grrr!  I might need to wait until a lightly cooler day, it's all sweltering hot at the moment, and I get really grumy when I'm too hot and trying to quilt big things.

2. 2012 Craftsy BOM- Also basted, but I still haven't figured out how to quilt it.  I might even do it by hand with white perle?
Quilt top finished.
3.  Weekender Bag- I really want to finish this before Retreat- we will see!
One side of Weekender and pocket done, first piece laid for side 2.
4.  And I have to make a baby quilt out of these hexies, as my friends baby is due in August, eek (actually 2 friends are having girls in August, best get my skates on)
#widrn Basting hexies on the sofa, watching old episodes of Lewis. Tagged by @rosedahlia tagging @ylmommyx4 @lemonshark @plumandjune
I think that's enough for this quarter, don't want to set myself up for toooooooo much of a fail!!  What are you making this quarter?

Ange x


  1. Get that bag finished! I'd machine quilt the BOM one, especially if it's a quilt you've been putting off for a while and are looking for a quicker finish.

  2. Loving the projects ........they look fab. I am sure you will be delighted working on these. Marie

  3. Great stuff Ange, good luck with getting it all done!

  4. Good list! I agree get cracking on that weekender ;)

  5. Gorgeous projects, I hope the weather cools soon and you can start quilting! I'm grumpy in the heat whether I'm quilting or not ;o)

  6. Love your projects. Can't wait to see the finished weekender pack. Love the look of it so far!


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