Wednesday, 24 July 2013

August Simply Solids Blocks.

For my month as Queen Bee of the Amaranth group for Simply Solids, I have put together a block on EQ7 made up of 4 different paper piecing blocks.  Now, before anyone cries into their Frosties, there is no need to fret if you're a paper piecing virgins novice, it's a really simple one.
Simply Solids August Block, finished.
Like I said, simple, but hopefully pretty effective.  I made my tester blocks as 5 inches each, but would like to increase this slightly to 7 inches, as I want to make them feel like bigger explosions of colour.  So, here are the guidelines for making them:

Block size unfinished: 14.5 inches ( 4 x 7.5 inch blocks together)
Block size finished:  14 inches
Number of blocks: 4 x 7.5 inches
Seams: I don't usually do open seams for paper pieced blocks, but there are a LOT of seams coming together in the centres, and i really had to wrestle with them, I think open seams as you go would be easiest for when you are putting them together :O)

Colours:  At least 8 or 9 different colours if possible for variety.  Generally bright colours, and if you could please include a few white strips in there (so 2 or 3 white strips over the 4 individual blocks in total), so the eye has somewhere to rest that would be great, and even a few light greys or blues if you wanted too, just a nice contrast.  One thing, no brown please, black is fine, as is navy blue (i've included it), but no brown, pretty please with a cherry on top!

If you want to put the same colour on the edge piece of 2 different blocks, that's fine, and actually it can create some interesting shapes, so I would encourage you to do it at least once :o)

I have included quite a few different blocks for variety (emailing out to my bee friends before the end of the month), and can you please choose at least 3 different individual blocks as I want it to look as random as possible, and not too symmetrical, and try not to just choose the first 4 :o)

Right, well as I am no expert on Foundation piecing, i am going to link up to a few tutorials and YouTube  video's.  And of course, if you're struggling or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask:

Ange x

p.s I promise I will be back with a Fat Quarterly Retreat round up, it's just taken me a few days to bounce back from such a fab weekend! :o)


  1. Awesome!! Now just have to get July's done first!!

  2. Oh that's going to make a great quilt! I think the w/e tiredmess has really hit me today - can hardly keep my eyes open :(

  3. I hope Susan is in your bee, we both know how much she loves to PP ;-)

  4. This will look the horse's hampton, like the dog's bollocks only bigger!

  5. Brilliant work. you are really making some lovely things. Hope to catch up with you on Weds.

  6. just to be sure ... you will e-mail a variety of blocks .. we choose 4 make the blocks ..THEN sew the 4 together to make ONE big block? .. or am I being a bit thick?

  7. Good luck keeping your points pointy!

  8. Well I've finally caught up with everything now, so in summary:

    WTG Lynz on the contribution of the blocks, I do hope you've halved that 318 blocks left to do by now...

    You obviously got the kits done, and they went down well.

    Well done on the bag, you obviously had to do that instead of the 318 blocks ;o)

    Great dresses by your guests.

    Hope Susan's not in your bee, or she'd be howling over the paper piecing ;o)

  9. How funny - I very nearly chose this block for my month in a bee in August but in patterns as I love the effect...I didn't for the fact people might cry in to their Frosties ;) You will have a fab quilt!

  10. Well what can I say after Lynz contribution? Looking forward to receiving the pattern!

  11. well this is very special and will make a lovely quilt.


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