Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Book Challenge- Winner!

Here are the entrants for this months Book Challenge

  1. Julia
  2. Julia
  3. Julia
  4. Diane
  5. Diane
  6. Diane
  7. Joanne
  8. Joanne
  9. Helen
  10. Helen
  11. Helen
  12. Shirley
  13. Shirley
  14. Julia
  15. Kerry
  16. Heather
  17. Heather
  18. Heather
You will have to take my word for it on the random number selector as I am on a t'internet cafe machine today so can't figure out how to get a screen shot.  So, drumroll, the winner is.......
number 3, Julia!   Well Done Julia, you definitely deserve to win, you have entered multiple times every month so far, so if you can just send me your address and I will get the copy of Stitch Savvy sent out to you!!

I'll be a bit quieter this week due to no at home internet coverage, but i'll still be here intermittently, and fingers crossed we'll be in our new home next week :o)

Ange x


  1. Another good month then. Hope you don't start having panic attacks in the middle of the night at that no internet thing!

  2. Great job everyone!! I aim too find the time this month :)

  3. Well done Julia.....I'm going to have to be creative this month as my Kindle books are all about autopsies and I don't think Tim is going to volunteer a kidney!

  4. Thank you sooooo much! So happy about this :D

  5. I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed that the move goes well! Hope you're feeling better now?


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