Sunday, 26 August 2012

Confessions Of A Serial Sewer!

If you look at my WIP page you might be forgiven for thinking I only have a few things on the go at the moment, but in truth I have a big pile of projects that are half to 3 quarters of the way through.  To try and get my house in order (literally) I am going to make a big push in the next month (September) to get a load of these finished, as my head is spinning with new projects I want to get working on!!

So its time to 'fess up, and put my cards on the table so I can start working towards completion.  I love writing a big list, and then crossing jobs off, it makes me feel like i've achieved something.  I suppose it all goes back to my boss in my first real job, who we used to call Swill (if you said her name quickly that's what it sounded like, and to be honest she was a thoroughly unpleasant person, so I always thought of her as Pig Swill!!- it seemed appropriate.) Her first job for any day was to get us to write a jobs list, and its become a good habit.

So here we go, jobs to be completed by the end of September
1. Complete the quilting and binding on this cute grey Octagonal number

2. Complete the quilting and binding on the tumbler blocks quilt

3. Complete the foxy pouch for the Modern Scrappy Swap

4. Complete the quilt top for the big Chevron quilt

5. Make some coasters, maybe paper pieced for neatness, as my wooden ones are being used to raise the bed due to the uneven floors in our bedroom!!

6. Attach hangers and put up the Dresden Plate Mini

7. Complete the stockings for my nursery Christmas promo

8. Complete an advent calendar for nursery promo

9. Complete Christmas bunting for nursery promo

10. Get all of the backing hexagons for my daughters Scrappy Hexy quilt attached, as it will need to be hand quilted and that might take a while- although I started it in January 2010 so I hardly think i'm in any hurry!!

11. Complete July AND August BOM for my craftsy project, ooooops, a little behind again.

I think I'll start off with 1 and 3 this week as absolutes, and maybe 2 and 4 as my second set of jobs for when 1 and 3 get completed.

You'll have to drop by again to see how i'm getting on, I figure if I can get the first couple of quilts done then there's no reason i can't get at least 1 other quilt started now is there, and I have got a couple of beautiful fabrics I'm looking forward to playing with!

On top of these things I do need to get some of my completed items listed in my Etsy shop, so maybe I should have a target of listing at least 2 things a week before the end of Sepetember, that seems doable.

Ange x

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