Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Birmingham Festival Of Quilts 2012

Lu Summers- my fave!
After a few weeks of procrastinating I decided if I was ever going to start this blog I should just get on with it while I had some reasonably fresh photos from the festival of quilts in sunny Birmingham, so here goes.  There were some stunning entries to this years competition, but as one of my fellow bloggers pointed out, us Modern Quilters were a little under represented, so I think next year we need to have a big push and encourage a few more fresh, modern entries. Unfortunately I can't attribute all of the quilts to their owners, but i have labelled the few i can remember, including my favourites by Lu Summers!
Lu Summers (i think this is actually sideways, but look at the amazing detail)

More Lu Summers detail

Lu Summers mini quilt

I think this one is Pauline Burbidge


Trudi at Quilting Prolifically

If you managed to wade through all of these and make it to the bottom, well done, and if you know the authors of these works of art, feel free to comment/message me so i can attribute their work to them!  

You'll have to forgive me for the untidy look of this post, i'm still trying to get to grips with how Blogger works, but bare with me and i'll get there eventually.
Ange x 


  1. It was a good Festival with some wonderfully inspiring quilts! I think you are right, modern quilters need to bombard the show next year with their entries :). Thanks for including one of mine :). And welcome to blog land! x

  2. Thx Trudi, its great to know someone is out there!! I think i'm going to enter next year, just for the hell of it. Well done on your entries, I did try to get pictures of your "Britain, and what it means to you" quilt, but fortunately/unfortunately there was a large group of people in front of it, so all i got was a group head shot! : )

  3. Angela,
    Congratulations on taking the plunge, your blog looks great. I went to the FoQ on Saturday, I've not been to the NEC before, I didn't realise it would be so HUGE! It was nice to meet some online people 'in real life', I look forward to you taking the NEC by storm next year!

    Georgia x

    1. Hey Georgia, Thx for the support, its much appreciated, the blog is a work in progress so will be getting tweaked over the next few weeks, and i just need to get my head around all of the things you can do with it. It was my first time at the FOQ's too, I thought it was great, and i admit to being a little star struck when i met Katy (from I'm a ginger monkey), Judith (needles and lemons), and Kaffe Fassett etc, and yes i realise how geeky that makes me sound, ha, ha! Why don't you enter something next year for the FOQ? Even if its one of the Mini Quilts, it doesn't have to be a massive quilt now does it?? How cool would it be to see your work on display, and even if it doesn't win an award, well, who cares!!
      Angela x


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