Monday, 22 December 2014

Progress and a Christmas Tree Decoration

A few weeks back, you may remember I had a list of 5 things I needed to get done before Christmas, and I have made some definite progress on these.  
I've already shown you the quilt for A which was finished last week, 

one of the secret sewing projects is done and written up, 

and the other is close to a finish. 

And then I finished this fab cross stitch tree decoration (pattern by Satsuma Street on Etsy), and it has been on the tree for a few days.

Funnily enough, cross stitch was my first crafty love, many many years ago, and I rather enjoyed this one, despite metallic thread being an absolute bugger to work with (it all came flooding back). 

 I can see some other cross stitch projects in my future, including the rest of the Christmas patterns as part of this purchase, just not right now, as I need to get those other key items made up.

If I'm not back before th big day, Merry Christmas to you and yours :o)

Ange x


  1. Cross stitch was my first thing too when I was about 7 or 8. I still have one I started a few years ago when I decided to try it again but man the crosses are small I need new glasses! Happy Christmas to you and the girls!

  2. Hope it was a good one, you seemed to have satisfied customers at least!

  3. Cross stitch was my first craft love too. Since I discovered patchwork about 13 years ago, I can't seem to get back into cross stitch. It's just too slow and time consuming in comparison!


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