Sunday, 31 August 2014

August All Gone.... FAL Finish 2, Q3

Well almost, and I am just sneaking in on the final day with a blog post after a near 6 week break.  No surprise this pretty much exactly coincided with the kids summer holidays, which ended on Thursday when C went back to school *hooray*, although Mr HOC has been off since then so normal service hasn't entirely resumed.  

I have managed to sneak in a bit of sewing during those few weeks, but haven't exactly conquered my FAL at two per month as hoped, oh well, the top of Hexy 2 is now about 75% finished :

Both House quilts have been planned in terms of layout (and some of the sewing is completed), and I've received lots more of my plus blocks for the NYBCFG quilt from my fabulous Stitch Tease Bee sisters :o).  

Which means all of the quilts are moving forward at the same time, all good stuff.

I have (started and) finished one of the items from my FAL today, a nice simple upscale version of a peg bag to make it into a laundry bag for the nursery, using up my orphan block from FQR 2013 made during Lu's Portholes Class.  I cannot for the life of me find the other block, v annoying, but when/if I do, it will probably end up as another one for eldest daughter :o)
It's not wonky despite this dodgy photo :o)

A couple of other starts and finishes this month, firstly, I did a little pattern testing for Sara of Sew Sweetness, as she has a series of embroidery patterns awaiting release, and as it was unicorns, I couldn't resist.

I originally intended to make this up into a gift for my niece who is unicorn mad, but my eldest daughter dropped so many unsubtle hints that she wanted it, so I made it into a nameplate for her bedroom.  I added the phrase "Live Yours Dreams" underneath, which seemed appropriate given the embroidery subject.

And the other finish for the month, was a bag for eldest daughter to go back to school with.  Despite me considering the fabric incredibly ugly, she absolutely adores it, and very proudly sported it on her first day back on Thursday.  
Using this tutorial as a guideline

For those not "up" with little girl trends, the fabric features the 2 sisters from the film Frozen, so I have been told I am "the best mummy in the world", which lasted all of five minutes ;o).

Hopefully I will be blogging more regularly now school is back, and making some more progress on the FAL mountain I have to climb, we'll see!

Ange x


  1. well done on the finishes, good going. I'm managing one FAL goal a month so you're doing better than me anyway. And, we mustn't forget that the goal is to show Kerry up anyway. As for the bag.. I know that's not for your daughter, I know you'll be sporting that on Saturday. I will be pointing and laughing at you.

    1. You are both guaranteed to, since I've made NO progress on any of my FAL list....

  2. Busy lady! I love Frozen, but the fabric... well... not so much ;o)

  3. 5 minutes of being top mummy? oh wowza, what would you have to do for an afternoon?! lol

  4. Well I think you're a bloody amazing mummy!! But does that not count when it comes from a fellow sufferer? I mean parent, excuse me. *g*

  5. He he - my girls are also mad Frozen fans - they would love that bag too! My repeated watching of that film has inspired my latest quilt which I am calling the Arendelle Quilt too! Let it go.................


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