Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fat Quarterly, A Finish & Buzzy Bee Progress....

Today is the release of the Christmas version of Fat Quarterly, and this quarter, a certain lady (debatable I know) from Charnwood is featured in this issue.

I'm there from downright cheek (me, cheeky, I know you can't believe it!!), as the lovely Lynne posted a picture on IG of these fab fabrics, saying she was about to start working on a project from them. So I told her to send them to me instead, and she took me up on the offer!  
Available from lots of great fabric shops, including Pin It & Stitch (whose image this is).
At Retreat I was kindly given a F8 bundle of them to play with.  Fast forward about 2 months, large amounts of morning sickness, a completely missing sewjo and a looming deadline (with a very patient FQ team) and I came up with this Christmas Dreaming Pillow for my little one.

It's a simple design, but I really enjoyed putting it together, and hopefully it will sprinkle a little magic on the festive season for my daughter, who is getting greater awareness every year of the excitement to come!!!

So what are you waiting for people, get yourself over to Fat Quarterly, there are loads of fabulous inspirational makes in the festive issue
And despite the fact I have been  missing for a couple of weeks, I did actually manage to finish the baby quilt for my friend (I haven't tackled the Minky backed one for our new baby yet) the day after my last post.  Unfortunately the building work at ours had prevented me finding a clean spot in the house to take a photo, and it's still ongoing, but I did manage to get this one of it, but it's not great.  It will be gifted the next time I get to go and catch up with my friend who lives a couple of hours away.
Baby Emma's quilt all done.

And I am edging ever closer to being 100% caught up with my bee commitments, these flying geese were made for the lovely Val at Between Quilts, and she has a terrific eye for colour, I LOVE this combination of raspberry pinks, yellows, and golds, with a few grays, and backed in gorgeous low volume prints.  
 @valbetweenquilts I've finally managed to get to sewing machine to stitch these together. I've gone from dubious about colours to <3

Secondly, I managed to make Celine her blocks for Simply Solids, a pair of triangle log cabins, one in cool colours, one in hot.  I think she will have a fab quilt, and these blocks come together so quick, and would make a great quick quilt.
@espritpatch all done! Just need printer cartridge to arrive now so i can do @natgiauque blocks!

Just Nat's blocks to go, so I am edging closer to be caught up, but I have a tonne of plaster to seal and then more walls to paint than you can shake a stick at, this new kitchen will be a clean and dust free space one day!!!

Ange x


  1. Well done you, it's not easy to be productive in pregnancy! X

  2. A great lot of makes and congratulations on the fat quarterly feature!

  3. Sadly I don't "do" Christmas (I should probably clarify- I do 'do' Christmas but on a very small minimalistic scale, no Christmas tree, indoors or outdoors decorations, tinsel, cards, panic, advent calendars, lights etc but yes to presents, food, mulled wine, cheese and Home Alone) otherwise I'd go get myself a copy, so just bring it along next weekend yeah? ;) I had wondered if you'd been up to much sewing, I've been awaiting the next blog instalment ;) How's the house progress coming along?

  4. Congrats Ange, that's fab. Your sewjo had returned! Hope the kitchen is finished soon

  5. You're doing brilliantly! Wish I had half your energy!

  6. Well done you - I spotted your name in lights last night xxx

  7. Check you out you celebrity! Are you going to be too famous to speak to me now? Love the cushion and those triangular log cabins are fab!

  8. Yay you! I'm sure Little Girl will love the new tradition of a special pillow - you'll just have to make another one for next year!!!

  9. Congratulations....cheeky monkey!

  10. Well done, Ange! It is a lovely cushion. And I can see your sewjo is back with more energy than ever!!

  11. Yay! Love the cushion, congrats in getting into Fat Quarterly.

    Yes, I've started my blog reading catch up and going through all the posts I've missed backwards :-)) xx

  12. Cheekiness gets you everywhere, congrats!

  13. Lovely pillow! Get you in print! Also loving the flying geese, think a flying geese quilt is edging to the top of the 'next quilt to make' list that keeps me awake at night!


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