Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Poor Cinders.

After completing all of my cleaning jobs yesterday (one of my child free days!) I finally managed to get to some sewing.   I was itching to get stitching, and make some real headway on all of those projects on my Sunday big list, and I have managed to make some more progress, so here's my list and the progress in blue:

1. Complete the quilting and binding on this cute grey Octagonal number- I had finished most of my quilting, only about half an hours worth left to do, when I realised the last 5 or 6 quilting lines had a great big fabric fold in- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!  Oh crap, I'm going to have to unpick a load of this and re-do it, how annoying.  I'll do in one night in front of the TV when the mood takes me. : ( 


3. Complete the foxy pouch for the Modern Scrappy Swap - All Done, yippeee!

4. Complete the quilt top for the big Chevron quilt- I've made some progress, added a set of chevron points at the top and the bottom to really highlight the shape, no I just need to add a white border all of the way round, shouldn't take long, so almost there.

10. Get all of the backing hexagons for my daughters Scrappy Hexy quilt attached, as it will need to be hand quilted and that might take a while- although I started it in January 2010 so I hardly think I'm in any hurry!!- I also needed to finish off the flowers down one side of the front, and the flowers are all sewn together now,
Hexagon Flowers to attach
 just need to attach them to the main body of the quilt, and then I can attach up the backing hexagons, phew!
Rest of the quilt front.

I have also added an 11th job to the list. 

 I like to do a few bits and pieces for charity (it was wiggly bags last time, see Flickr), so I am going to make some Mo blocks for Danielle, who is making a Can't grow a Mo, sew a Mo quilt, to raise money for Movember and a hospice, in honour of her birth father, who sadly lost his battle with Prostate Cancer earlier this year. So:

11. At least 2 Mo (moustache) blocks for the quilt, something like these.

And not like this!!! 

It might not sound like lots, but its a bit of progress here and there, at this rate I might even get enough of these finished to get started on a new quilt this week, yay, then its just a matter of deciding which of my great fabrics I'm going to work with.  I love this bit, when I get to make choices on fabric and style of quilt, will it be the Summersville I've been meaning to do something with for ages, or the Crab Shack, or something else altogether??

So that's 1 down, 10 to go, you know what they say, slowly, slowly catchy monkey!  What the hell does that really mean?? Anyway, its all good progress!

Ange x



  1. That fox is one of my most favourite paper piecing patterns ever it has to be said

  2. Thx Kerry, it is a great pattern, and at not even £2, I can't complain at the cost either, it was an absolute bargain. I will definitely be using it again for another project! Angela x

  3. Really lovely sewing you've got going on there! Love the foxy and the hexies x

    1. Thx Sarah, those hexies are slow going, but i nearly have all of the front hexies done now, then its just the one for round the edge to fold over as binding, so hopefully it will be done in the next 2 months! Have checked out your blog, and i def could do with some help on blogging tools etc so will be having a good rummage around those this week! Ange

  4. I love the fox too. I made a fold on the front of one of my quilts so I covered it with matching binding fabric and pretended it was part of the pattern LOL. You have been busy this month.

  5. Thx Barb, that fox has certainly got plenty of character, i really loved it too, which is always good. Some of these projects were started in the last few months, and get picked up and put down, but I guess you reach a point when you have too many things on the go, and just want to finish some so you can mentally move on- other times I haven't decided where i'm going next with them, and need to wait for inspiration to wrestle an idea out of me!! Ange


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