Monday, 23 February 2015

Scrappy Trip Bee Blocks

I'm a little behind on my bee blocks for Stitch Tease, and decided this last week to catch up with the lovely Di's blocks as she had made it back from her long, fantastic holiday in NZ, and I felt bad I had taken such wanton advantage of the extra time!
Er, worlds crappest picture, taken on my phone, whoops!
Dianne requested a couple of Scrappy Trip blocks, I hadn't made any before, and they were quite frankly, the easiest bee blocks I have ever made.  They came together so quickly, and I can see how everyone found these so addictive (please don't use the word addicting, it makes me cross, I can't quite decide why, but my blood boils!) to make when they were popular, a couple of years back.  I hope I fitted the brief well, as they are bright and fun as requested.  Looking forward to seeing the lovely quilt from these when Di gets around to it (no pressure Dianne).  Right, back to the sewing machine...

Ange x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sew, Sew, Secret Sew

I have actually managed to do quite a bit of sewing this last month, but as two were secret project, and the other was a bag for my niece, which I promptly gifted and forgot to photograph, I hadn't got a lot to show for it until I finished House Quilt 2! 

Apologies for the rubbish photo, but as usual getting decent weather and time to get outside seems an impossibility!  This was started towards the end of 2013, and the blocks are from my fabulous Stitch Tease buddies, a fun bee quilt.  I kept this one super lightweight like the first, as I want it to be a picnic blanket for myself and the girls when we go out and about, just like House Quilt 1 :o).  As usual I've finished it with some very lightweight quilting, and given it a light grey stripey binding- oh how I love a little stripey binding. Thanks so much for the blocks, lovely bee ladies, can't wait to get using this one too, roll on summer! :o)

Right, back to the sewing, as I am determined to get the FAL down to single figures. :o)

Ange x