Sunday, 13 January 2013

Buzz Buzz....

I am getting closer to finishing these Bee blocks, but oh my it's hard going, 3 down, and 3 to go. I have to say, the colour choices are waaaay more appealing for these blocks (but I still can't wait until they're all done!).
Jyllybean, 3x6 bee, grp 11

Sue, 3x6 bee, grp 11

Onwards and upwards as I will bee sewing until the early hours.....

Ange x


  1. That's lots of paperpiecing for a bee - good luck and hope you have some snacks to keep you going ;-)

  2. Oh they look gorgeous! Hope you get them all finished on time.

  3. They are very pretty- where is the pattern from?

  4. They are really pretty, and the colours are great together. When do they have to be done by?


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